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Find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.


Q: I am Deaf, how can I start my own theatre company?

We believe in encouraging and supporting other deaf people to set up their own companies. Your own vision of Deaf theatre will be different to everyone else's vision. You will need faith in yourself, as much acting / theatre experience as possible, and be fully committed to a lot of hard work.

If you are Deaf, have theatre experience and want to start your own company, please contact us. We are happy to talk to you and explain what is involved, where to go for funding and so on.

Q: I am hearing and I want to start a theatre company to help deaf people act.

My advice is for you to find a deaf partner with theatre experience. You then can work with them to jointly run the company, with equal responsibility. If you need consultation and advice, you can contact us.

Q: Why aren't all Deafinitely Theatre plays captioned?

Our main focus is on producing plays in BSL. We are the only deaf-led theatre company in the UK that produces plays in full fluent BSL.

We aim to offer two nights of captioning in every main production in London.

Q: I am a hearing actor, I want to act in a play with Deaf people.

We are always looking for hearing actors with BSL skills for our productions. We usually have auditions twice a year, and usually expect you to have a minimum of BSL level 2 and preferably level 3. If you’re interested and have signing skills, please send us your CV and photo.

Q: I am deaf - how can I become an actor?

From my personal experience, an acting career is very difficult. It’s very hard to find jobs, there’s a very limited range of jobs out there for deaf actors. I would advise you to go to as many different plays as possible. Why? – to see the different ways of acting and performing and find out what style of theatre you personally like. Go to lots of acting courses and workshops to learn more about yourself and improve your acting skills. Some of these courses may not be fully accessible to deaf, but go anyway, to learn how to work with hearing actors. Also the people running these courses will remember you and be more likely to give you work in the future.

Not everyone is successful and it is very hard to earn a living from acting. We advise you to study hard at college and get qualifications for other jobs, so that you can do them while you are looking for acting work.

Deafinitely Theatre runs various courses and workshops throughout the year, usually based in London. Come to one and learn more about being an actor!

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