7 November 2014

by Philippa Herrick

Hello, my name’s Phillippa and I was the musical director and composer for Midsummers Night Dream earlier this year.

During the process I got to work with a band of incredible musicians; the four musicians on stage, and they worked incredibly well together and as a group we became really good friends, and we realised that we had similar taste in music. We got to do a four/five week rehearsal period, which is unheard of usually in the music world. So we were incredibly lucky to get that amount of time to work on the music as a group; normally if you’re in a band you might get one rehearsal before a gig, so this was an amazing chance for us to play together and explore music, and not just for the show. So afterwards, we got together and we realised that we would like to continue, because you don’t often get the opportunity to play with a group of people that closely, so we decided we would try to be a band in our own right.

We decided on the name Puck because we wanted to link it back to the show, because that’s where we all met; and the style of the music that we did in the show is an influence for what we will continue to do. So its folk, a bit of gypsy, lots of different influences, lots of improvisation as well, the players are fantastic at improvising. So we wanted to link it back to the show, the music, and Midsummers Night Dream, and we thought Puck is a fun character, the music’s fun, it’s also a short name and hopefully recognisable, and memorable and has a bit of a punch; so we decided on Puck.

We did our very first gig last Friday at Wells Way Pop Up in Camberwell, which is a new pop up arts venue. We got a good turn out of people, the acoustics were brilliant, and everyone was very positive after, so it went well.

So we’re looking forward to doing our next gig. Not sure when our next public one will be but we will definitely be playing at the Deafinitely Christmas party, which is very exciting. We have also recorded an EP which we’re currently in the process of mixing, and its called The Other Neck of the Woods, I think – that’s what I’ve been told, and that will be hopefully released and out there quite soon, although were not sure when. In terms of coordinating the musicians, all four of the musicians, and myself are freelance, so it is sometimes difficult to get everyone together, so its taken a little while to get to this stage but hopefully if we continue to get gigs, it will continue…

Essentially, we’re driven by the fact that we had such a great time working together on Midsummers Night Dream, and the music we created for that has influenced us and inspired us to continue further and we hope this can continue and we hope that we can retain links with Deafinitely and hopefully maybe find a way to incorporate a visual element into our music at some point in the future because we don’t want to loose the fact that we started off doing it for sign language. So yeah, we’re quite excited.

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