3 February 2015

Who are the actors for Something Else?
by Paula Garfield

Very soon, we are starting rehearsals for our next children’s production called “Something Else”. We sign it like this… “Something Else” as he is different from his peers. The boy in the story, well he’s a kind of monster and he is rejected by all his peers for being different. So that’s “Something Else”. I am very much looking forward to starting rehearsals with the 3 actors who are Jamal Ajala, Ian Street and the famous Donna Mullings. I can’t wait to work with this team to create our show. After months of preparation and planning, I can finally get out of the office and in to the rehearsal room again.

I hope that you will come along and watch our show, it’s suitable for families with children aged from 3-6 or even a little older. I hope you can come and watch it at the Stratford Circus Theatre.

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