3 March 2015

Something Else Actor's blog
by Ian Street

This week is the first time I've ever worked with Deafinitely theatre. I'm so happy to be a part of this company because I've seen many of their productions. Which is why, I became really interested in sign language and the visuals of theatre.

From seeing those productions I decided that I really wanted to learn sign language when I had learnt enough, I was going to send my CV to the company. So that's what I did! I made sure that I waited long enough and became confident in sign language and then sent off my CV to the company. Paula Garfield replied to invite me to audition for a children's play.

I was very nervous at first but I went along and I got the part - so I'm really pleased.

This is the first time that I worked with a deaf director. There have been some difficulties, because I've only been learning sign language for two years, and I've still got a lot to learn. We also have interpreters in the room which is a strange experience, because of the way I'm using language; I think in English and then I translate that to sign- but then when I'm signing I can hear the interpreters voicing what I'm saying which sounds really weird. At the same time it's really interesting because working in the theatre is something I'm really passionate about regardless of English or whatever language being used-I'm just really interested in theatre.

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