17 June 2014

Writer's workshop led by Charlotte Josephine
by Trisha Waddell

"I thought that Charlotte was a really genuine and good leader. Previously, I’ve done a playwriting course at Gallaudet University and I found her techniques to be very similar. She was very real, explaining about her own challenges as a writer, she has dyslexia. She didn’t sugarcoat anything, nor say writing was easy, she was honest and genuine in her approach. She gave feedback about the issues that she saw and then on how individuals’ writing can be improved. She explained different methods that are available. There was one exercise where we had to write continuously for 15 minutes without stopping. At the end of that, we had to discuss what we had written and think about how the characters could be improved and developed on. I know that the 5 participants found it useful, well the 4 writers really, I was just a visitor, but we all really enjoyed and took a lot from the session. Charlotte was an inspirational leader, just wonderful."

17 June 2014

Stanislavski workshop led by Hannah Quigley
by Stephen Collins

"What I learnt about Stanislavski’s methods is that they lead you to ask fundamental questions of your character, namely the why, who and where elements. Once you have these, then you can build on these further by asking the how questions and think about how you act. So, once you’ve got these facts of your character, you can expand and evolve it further. It really helps you to build a character. There are many phrases used in his techniques including the six fundamental questions and more. It was interesting as it helps you to delve much deeper in to your character. Looking at Stanislavski’s methods, we strip everything away and look at the text, what do others say about me and I say about them and so on. This really helps you to see all the inter-relationships surrounding the character and how they fit in to an overall play. This then gives you the foundation to know how to act and react in different situations."

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