26 June 2015

Deafinitely Theatre's Board of Trustees
by Paula Garfield

Hi there. Gosh, it’s July already! I can’t believe how quickly this year is flying by. It’ll soon be time for the children to be on Summer Holidays from school. I will have to organise and book in activities for my own children.

I have some exciting news to share with you all. Deafinitely Theatre’s has a Board of Trustees who oversees the company with financial, accountancy and management checks and also supports us to solve issues as needed. The Board has a wide variety of people with varying skills including Funding, Creative Arts and many others. Our Board has grown and expanded and we have welcomed four new members to take our Board up to 10 members now. This is the largest number of Trustees we have ever had. We are very excited to welcome, Becki Haines who is an Executive Producer for a theatre company called Coney, it’s great to have her working with us. Also, David Bellwood – the Senior Marketing and Access Officer at Shakespeare’s Globe. Some of you will have seen our two productions at the Globe and David has always been so supportive to us and it’s great to continue that relationship with him joining our board. We also welcome Zoe Crick who works for the Royal Shakespeare Company in Development and Finance. It’s great to have her on-board with us to support us in this area and fourthly, Garreth Spillane, a Senior Policy Advisor to the Prime Minister’s Office in the Government. It’s great to welcome Gareth, who has a lot of experience in the theatre world and we look forward to him working with us.

Having these new four members has definitely made our Board stronger as these four new hearing members compliment our existing Deaf team of Dani Sive, Cathy Heffernan. Dafydd Jones and Deepa Shastri. Our Board is chaired by Roger Beeson and he uses British Sign Language in the meetings whilst having two interpreters there to facilitate communication as needed. I am very excited about having this new Board to support the continued work of Deafinitely Theatre.

1 June 2015

After election, how will does affect on Deafinitely Theatre?
by Paula Garfield

The national election is now over and the Tories have taken control for another 5 years. Since they have been in power they have suggested that the arts industry as a whole would be better off being privatized and run as businesses and no longer be subsidized by the state.

We have already seen a significant reduction in public spending on the arts, but we have not yet been told what government’s plans will be following the recent election . Whether funding remains the same, increases or decreases over the next 5 years we just do not know. I personally feel we may see more cuts coming our way. They may not be immediate drastic cuts but they may subtly and gradually reduce over the next 5 years until there are no more funds.

The future of the arts, culture and theatre is very unstable. But we mustn’t be defeated. We must use our passion and spirit to continue to make artistic work and to keep the arts alive. If we are not funded by the state then we need to find alterative ways of making it happen. We could make more street theatre- there are many other ways to make theatre. The important thing is that we keep arts alive.

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