13 July 2014

American Intern at Deafinitely Theatre
by Trisha Waddell

Image from Deafinitely Theatre

To be awarded a theatre degree at Gallaudette University you must get 3-6 credits. I had to think carefully about what I wanted to do to achieve this. I didn’t want to be an intern in America and I didn’t just want to do it all through coursework – I wanted to do something different. I found out that Deafinitely Theatre were producing a Shakespeare play at the globe. I ordered a DVD and really liked their style so I contacted them and was given a place! I was very excited to come here because of the different culture and sign language. I really wanted to learn BSL, learn about British culture, sample the food. So what are my experiences so far?

As soon as I got here I talked to the team about what I was hoping to achieve. I made an extremely long list of objectives and aimed to tick them off over the coming weeks. My favourite area to focus on the “youth” – it’s a very important time for Deafinitely Youth Theatre. The youth Summer workshop is coming up so I started to interview young people and think about everything to do with them. It’s my world because I’m a young person myself. There are so many opportunities for young people here, they are really lucky and I wanted to help to make those opportunities happen.

What will I take home from this experience? That’s difficult to answer because there are so many things. But I guess a main thing would be the sense of teamwork and how important it is. I would take that concept back to America to share.

13 July 2014

Arts Council of England
by Mark Sands

This week we had our big decision from the Arts Council England. We applied for 3 year funding from April 2015 which we’re really pleased that we got. We got 100% of what we asked for. A lot of companies were waiting for this because they are one of the biggest funders in the country. So their money comes from the government and the lottery. We’re part of this thing called the NPO which is National Portfolio Organisation. So we’re one of a group of several hundred organisations that the Arts Council recognize as important to the culture of this country. So we’re really pleased that that we’ve got it for another three years so we can grow Deafinitely Theatre.

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