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Deafinitely Creative Hub is aimed at deaf actors and writers aged 18+ and provides a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme to develop theatre skills and network with other professionals to increase employment opportunties.

Workshops are led by experienced theatre practitioners and include:

- Script translation
- Script writing
- Bilingual acting
- Naturalism, Epic Theatre, Lecoq, Theatre of the Absurd
- Improvisation
- One-to-one mentoring
- Information seminars
- Theatre trips
- Perfomance Showcases
- Networking opportunities

All workshops are provided with full communication access.

How to apply:

Send your CV to:
Artistic Director
Deafinitely Theatre
c/o Diorama Arts Studios
201 Drummond Street
London NW1 3FE
Or Email:

If you require more information about Deafinitely Creative Hub:

SMS: 07770 170531
Telephone: 020 7387 3586

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