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Deafinitely Youth Theatre is an exciting opportunity for those aged 14-24 to take part in drama activities, meet other deaf young people and learn more about getting involved in theatre.


We travel the UK providing Drama taster workshops to a variety of Deaf schools and PHU units as well as community centres. We offer a bridge of collaboration & connection with the community in the area about our work and what we provide for young Deaf people. We have so far been to Derby, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol and all over London. We continue to further our outreach.


Through the Easter and Summer half terms, we provide Drama & Arts learning programs consisting of workshops of a variety of subjects, such as Improvisation, BSL & Acting on Stage and Film, Introduction to Puppetry, Physical Theatre, Comedy and Visual Vernacular. We often ask our young people what they want to learn or are interested in and our Youth Coordinator organises the program and facilitates the workshops around their ideas.


Our company also have a specialised & advanced youth group, taking part in the National Theatre Connections project. Charly Arrowsmith our Youth Coordinator is the newly appointed Director for the 2016 production.

The students we have are from all over the country, and those that attend our drama programs had an opportunity last month to audition to take part and be involved. Not all will be guaranteed a place, but it gives them a chance to shine and show what they can do and what they have learnt over the duration of our previous workshops.

We have now selected a cast of 10 students who are taking part in the 2016 production. This group will be committing to a series of research and development sessions, a schedule of rehearsals, 2 local performances at 2 well-known theatres and 1 selected theatre chosen by the NTC team. We certainly hope to be chosen to perform on the National Theatre stage in the upcoming summer. Your support will be greatly received!

The title is soon to be revealed and we will post updates to keep you all in the loop!


Our company are a supporting network that provide events and training schemes for those that want to achieve the Arts Awards-Bronze, Silver and Gold. Our Youth Coordinator, is a trained accredited assessor for the Arts awards and is always on hand and available for those that require support, assistance and want to complete their arts awards during any of our events, workshops or productions.

For more information on any of our youth projects please contact us on

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