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Jamal Ajala

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I started building skills and self-confidence with Deafinitely Youth Theatre (DYT). The coaching by DYT staff – developed my skills. After 2 years with DYT, I transferred to the HUB. I thought it would be the same as DYT but it was different. HUB has all adult participants and I am the youngest participant. I realised why it is different from DYT. HUB is more challenging than DYT; it requires more commitment. DYT is a great basic foundation for HUB. I loved everything about DYT programme. The best thing about youth programme, we went to City Lit’s Deaf Day and performed there. When I performed in front of audience, they were wowed. I am very proud to be part of DYT and HUB. I will never forget this kind of opportunity. DYT and HUB is a family to me. Disability is not a barrier to communication whether you are signer or speaker. DYT is worth every moment of it. If there are any problems, the DYT staff will sort it out. It is worth attending and it really makes a difference to your acting career. It does not matter if you are not sure about DYT – just come and experience it. You will not regret it. The DYT staff are brilliant. You can develop your skills, build your self-confidence, and learn many new things. Everybody makes you feel very welcome and it is great meeting other new deaf people with the same interests.

Rose Ayling-Ellis

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In 2012, I joined Deafinitely Youth Theatre (DYT). I immediately fell in love with DYT. I stayed with DYT until the end of 2013 and now I have transferred to the HUB! I have learnt so much from DYT and gained great experiences. I was lucky to get a chance to perform at the Soho Theatre and two other theatres in London. It was a great opportunity for me to gain my confidence, to believe in myself, and demonstrate my acting skills. Back at my school, it was not possible for me to gain strong confidence in myself. Since then, I have applied for other acting roles and my greatest achievement was performing in a production on BBC Radio 3. If I never had joined DYT, I would not have the confidence to take part in a huge project like this. Everyone at DYT was on the same boat as me; we all got our encouragement from the tutors as well as from our peers. I love acting, especially with people of different abilities. It has helped me to improve my language skills. People from different organisations came to DYT workshops and taught us the essential skills in theatre. I recommend anyone who is interested in acting to join DYT, even if you have no confidence. It is not as scary as you might think. Just try it; you will never know where it may lead.

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