current production

Gold Dust


22 - 31 March 2012

Written by Andrew Muir

Gold Dust returned in 2012 with a brand new tour from 22 - 31 March! There was three performances in the Midlands followed by four shows at London's Soho Theatre.

Click here to see the list of venues and performance times.

Directed by Paula Garfield, this is a new play inspired by the history and lives of Deaf people in Birmingham and the Black Country. It has been produced in association with Black Country Touring and the Deaf Cultural Centre.

An old man dies leaving behind a son who never really knew him, but as the son holds the ashes close to his heart, he begins to understand more about the man he called dad. A funny and moving play about a father and son who found it difficult to communicate at the best to times, but when one is deaf and the other hearing, it made it almost impossible. “Gold Dust” is a play for everyone.

The play was shown in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Dudley and Walsall in July 2011.

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