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Children of a Greater God


A love story between a Deaf woman and a speech therapist who is firmly convinced that 'his way' is the right way. But he knows less than he thinks about the Deaf community. Can she change his beliefs? Will he learn in time to save his relationship? 
Can she teach him enough in time to save him? Can he open his mind enough? 
What happens to these Deaf people he tries to help?

This was Deafinitely Theatre's challenging response to the famous play and Hollywood film 'Children of a Lesser God' (by the hearing writer Mark Medoff). We updated and revisited the story from a strong Deaf perspective, and we incorporated contemporary Deaf issues.

'Greater God' showcased our language, community, history, and culture, and the story of our struggle against those who mean to help, but are destroying our world

First performance - Jackson Lane Theatre, November 2004.

Directed by Paula Garfield | Co-Directed by Kate Furby | Script by Tomato Lichy.

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